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DVD-Burner-Software.com - Showcasing a variety of DVD converter, DVD ripper and DVD burner software.

1 Click DVD Copy PRO - You'll never need to replace a lost or damaged DVD again. 1Click DVD Copy is a revolutionary product that allows you to make high quality backup copies of your DVD movies. Control how you copy your DVD movies... use the Copy Presets™ or the more advanced features to select what content will be copied and how much compression will be used.  Now includes CPRx™ technology which is used to copy DVDs that use Arccos or RipGuard. These are copy error protection schemes used to make copying movies difficult but with 1 Click DVD Copy PRO and CPRx, you are ensured of the highest level of success copying the latest generation of DVD movies.

  • New! With CPRx™ technology for copying the newest DVD movies.

  • Copy Presets - One click preset for each type of DVD copy.  Presets include movie only, movie and extras, episodic DVDs, full DVD, exact copy.

  • Preview the movie, extras and menus.

  • Choose to include or exclude movie and menus based on preview.

  • Select individual DVD content including audio, video, and subtitles streams you want to copy.

  • Control the amount of video compression used for your movie backup.

  • Preserve both aspect ratios on movies with widescreen and full screen.

  • Responsive and Professional Technical Support... and more.

If you are looking for more control over compression and advanced functionality, the PRO version is for you, if you can do without all the extra advanced features than let the original 1Click DVD Copy automatically set the appropriate compression settings for you so that you can fit a DVD movie onto one blank DVD!  Whatever you choose, 1 Click DVD Copy continues the excellent tradition of making flawless backups of all your DVD movies, quickly and easily!

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Burn DVD movies with DVD X Platinum - DVD Movie Copy Software!

DVD X Platinum is the perfect DVD movie backup tool for every DVD movie burning situation, guaranteed to satisfy DVD movie lovers at any level. With DVD X Platinum's Simple mode, you get one-click automated backups with blazing speed.

Power-users and movie buffs alike rave about DVDXPlatinum's Advanced mode where you can easily create highly customized backups by compressing or deleting content of your choice. That's right, you can slice, dice and squeeze or leave DVD movie content how you like. Then save these burn session preferences via small TDF files that can be shared with your friends.

  • Make perfect DVD to DVD backups

  • "One-click" auto-compress to any blank DVD disc

  • Split large movies to multiple discs for perfect quality

  • Customize compression rates - choose less compression for the main movie and more for the trailers and extras!

  • Ability to look inside DVD titleset structure so you can delete unwanted content

  • Copies DVD movie content from original DVD disc or from hard drive

  • Copies Special Features (Movie Trailers, Commentary, etc.)

  • Copies Full Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS)

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CloneDVD - Experience top quality home theatre! CloneDVD extracts, transcodes and writes any orginal DVD title you like to a single recordable DVD. Be impressed by the program speed and the amazing image quality of the movie copy. A special transcoding technology compresses your choice of DVD title with your selected audio and subtitle streams to one DVD Recordable. A Video Preview plays an overview of all selectable DVD titles. CloneDVD is very easy to use. The unique Film Strip will guide you step by step through all settings - very suitable for beginners!CloneDVD - Burn DVD Movies onto one Blank DVD!

  • Extracts, transcodes and writes any orginal DVD title you like to a single recordable DVD

  • Uses high-quality transcoding technology

  • Compresses your choice of DVD titles with your selected Audio- and Subtitle Streams to one DVD Recordable

  • Video Preview plays an overview of all selectable DVD titles

  • Writes on DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW

  • Stable and fast, does not need an ASPI driver

  • Distinguished technical support und customer care

  • 24 hours, 7 days a week access to new updates and online help

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DVD Cloner V - Perfect 1:1 DVD CopyDVD Cloner 5 is a DVD copy and DVD burner software that takes your original DVD and makes an exact copy to a blank DVD in true DVD format (MPEG2). Typically without having a DVD Burner installed, DVD converter and DVD ripper software is used create a lower quality VCD or SVCD that you would burned to CD, DVD Cloner on the other hand burns directly to DVD, making a one for one copy.

The latest version of DVD Cloner supports most DVD burners, including DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-RAM, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD and every DVD you backup can be viewed on your DVD player.  The DVD you are backing up retains the same audio and video quality with all bonus features, footage, menus and more. Plus, DVD Cloner 3 is one of the few DVD backup software titles that has a built-in CSS/DVD Ripper.  You do not need to download a separate program like DVD43 or AnyDVD.

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Photo2VCD Studio is a powerful and easy to use DVD/SVCD/VCD authoring application. This tool can help you Photo2VCD Professionalto easily burn your favorite digital photos into a DVD/SVCD/VCD compatible slideshow on video CD, complete with background music and awesome transition effects. This video CD is playable on any home DVD player so your family and friends can watch it on TV. It can also be watched on any DVD/SVCD/VCD compatible PC.

  • Powerful photo editor integrated makes it easy to edit your photos.

  • Choose from hundreds of transition effects for your slideshow.

  • Choose background music (MP3 or WAV) for your album.

  • Select different display times and transition settings for individual photos.

  • Add subtitle to photos.

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Discontinued Software: DVD X Copy Platinum v5.0 - Video Vault - DVD X Copy - Copy DVD Now - Backup DVD


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